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What is ColdPlanet® Technology ?

ColdPlanet® Technology operates as a federation of databases, supported by other "intra-terrestrial" identity verification systems that are biometric, static intelligence centers. This new technology is different from the Deep Web or subscription-based data centers, which can be thought of as data buried below the level of standard searchable platforms commonly designed and built by public search engines or subscription data aggregators. It is also distinguishable from unstructured data, which is a broad term describing various types of documents in different formats and different systems that exist in multiple sources and formats, which are not typically captured by traditional data-mining or indexing technologies.

ColdPlanet® Technology operates distinctly different in two key ways: First, the platform consists of programs that use: (a) cross-federation search software of proprietary database systems of ICI and its many outside information vendors (b) a series of sophisticated Deep Web search programs that focus on the Internet constellation planetary webs (c) a search of "Cold Planets" each one of which consists of a server that contains static intelligence that infrequently changes but is highly useful for verifying the identify of a banking customer. To understand more, please click here to see some examples.

Why ColdPlanet® Technology?

Consumers today are sensitive about privacy and prefer to "self-verify" their identities and not have banks and corporations use online database to probe their backgrounds and ferret out personal information. Likewise, online databases often contain stale information or data that is not accurate. Intelligence that is "aggregated" from many disparate sources is often difficult to decipher and trace back to the original source. Additionally, online databases are usually transactional in nature – you are charged for that which you use. Finally, today’s "Global

Data Village" is still not really a village, but rather a series of communities of practices or geographies.

For example, the search coordinates for the United Kingdom is vastly different from Poland or Russia. Names are formatted differently, there is no "global identifier" and home addresses are formatted unique to a city or country. All of this means that searching by a name alone creates false positives and false negatives and makes online database search results dubious at best.

Who Uses the ColdPlanet® Technology ?

Typical customers are high volume users, such as banks, insurance companies, multi-national corporations, and those that have customers in at least five or more countries or thousands of customers in a single country who are seeking an economical solution to the "Know Your Customer" and "Identity Verification" problem. The technology does not "check the customer", rather, it verifies the legitimacy of its documentation, such as a driver's license, passport, national identity card and other biometrics that is presented to the decision maker by the customer.

Second, the technology culls from the customer's information profile data and creates "challenge questions" that are random in nature. For example, the nearest large cross street to their residence in 2002?

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